Prayers, words and writtings of Marthe Robin

Accounts of the Passion

The "Marthe Robin notebooks" collection presents the texts attributed to her. The careful editing work, given the current state of our knowledge, contributes to make it a authoritative text.

The sorrowfull Passion of the Saviour

Every Thursday evening, from the 1930s until her death in 1981, Marthe Robin consented to relive Jesus' passion, death and resurrection. She left several notebooks describing what she lived and prayed every week.
Drawing inspiration from the story of the Sorrowful Passion by Anne-Catherine Emmerich, Marthe wrote a text that focuses on Jesus the Saviour. In writing these meditations, she did not claim to reproduce historical truth. She only said, "I do not say that it happened this way; this is how Jesus showed it to me."

The first notebook covers the events of Holy Thursday, from the preparation of the Last Supper to the departure of Jesus with his apostles to Gethsemane.
The second covers the passions of Marthe Robin recounted by the parish priest of Châteauneuf, Fr Faure.
The third volume follows Jesus from his arrest at Gethsemane to his death on Good Friday.
Other volumes will soon be published...

Notebook of the Passion by Fr Faure

Between 1933 and 1938, Fr Léon Faure, parish priest of Châteauneuf de Galaure (Drôme), faithfully recounted the words he heard on Friday when Marthe Robin relived the Passion of Jesus.

Reading these simple and straightforward notes is like entering the prayer of Marthe on Friday. Rather than being languid and sorrowful, the prayer is vigorous and intense: "May I die, so that they may have life!” Peppered with humble details of the daily life of a country priest at that time, these notes are relatable, thanks to their simplicity.


"All Christians must participate in the Passion of Christ and complete what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ with their own bodies. As for me, I am just a sign, a reminder for all Christians.”

Books published by Foyer de Charité

Order from the Foyers de Charité publishing house.

Prayers, words and writtings of Marthe Robin Read the “Journal”

Le cheminement intérieur de Marthe Robin est dévoilé grâce à la publication de son "Journal". Découvrez-le en ligne...

Un rayonnement immense Des prophéties de Marthe Robin sur la France ?

Entretien avec le père Bernard Peyrous, historien et postulateur de sa Cause de béatification...

Beatification Marthe Robin declared “venerable” by Pope Francis

Une étape essentielle vers une possible béatification...

Her message Rekindling the love that is dying out in the world

« Je t’ai choisie pour ranimer dans le monde l’Amour qui s’éteint », dira le Christ à Marthe. Elle-même...

Prayers, words and writtings of Marthe Robin Prayer of Marthe Robin: O beloved Mother

Ô Mère Bien-Aimée, vous qui connaissez si bien les voies de la Sainteté et de l’Amour, apprenez-nous...

Immense influence Marthe, the Second Vatican Council and the vocation of each baptised person

« Marthe Robin peut être considérée comme une sorte de sage-femme ayant participé à la naissance (…) »

Her message The unconditional love of God for every individual

Les milliers de témoignages concernant la façon dont Marthe accueillait ceux qui venaient la voir sont unanimes...

Her life Complete chronology

Principales dates de la vie de Marthe Robin (1902-1981)

Her legacy The Foyers de Charité

La création des Foyers de Charité repose sur la rencontre de Marthe Robin et d’un prêtre, le père Georges Finet, en 1936. Aujourd’hui présents dans une quarantaine de pays, les Foyers de Charité...

God, a loving and compassionate Father St Thérèse, a “big sister” for Marthe Robin

Entre Marthe Robin et Sainte Thérèse de Lisieux, il existe une relation si forte qu'on peut parler d'amitié ou de parenté spirituelle...

Testimony Sophie Guex : Comment se déroulaient les “passions” de Marthe Robin ?

[VIDEO] Les carnets du père Faure nous permettent de retracer les "Passions" vécues par Marthe Robin...

The communities linked to Marthe Robin VIDEO “Marthe est une grande soeur pour moi !” Raphaël Cornu-Thénard

Interview de Raphaël Cornu-Thénard (Anuncio - Congrès Mission) sur la place de Marthe Robin dans sa vie de "disciple-missionnaire" engagé dans la nouvelle évangélisation...

The essentials about Marthe Robin
Nothing predisposed this young woman of the Drôme countryside to become one of the central figures of the spiritual renewal of the Church in France. She radiated with a love that transfigured her life that spanned the 20th century.
"I have chosen to rekindle the love that is dying out in the world". These words of Christ to Marthe Robin summarise her mission, which is to reveal the unconditional love of God for everyone.
Marthe Robin's legacy is immense. It lives on today through many communities and movements in the Church, but more particularly across the world through the Foyers de Charité.
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Groupe de prières Prier à Paris avec Marthe Robin Paroisse Saint Christophe de Javel (Paris)
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